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To Tweet or not to Tweet

The relationship between the Family Court and social media can be a slippery slope. You need to be aware of the impact and ramifications that using social media while your matter is in the Family Court can have on your case.

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How to Find a Good Family Lawyer

If you need to find a good family lawyer the first step (and probably the hardest) is realising that you need one. Whether you are married or in a de-facto relationship, are separated or considering separation, then the chances are that you could benefit from legal advice. It’s important that your family lawyer is experienced and that you are comfortable with them, so don’t be afraid to “interview” your potential family lawyer to find out if they are right for you.

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Formalising a Property Settlement

Under the Family Law Act you are required to formalise your agreement either by a Consent Order made in the Family Court of Australia or a Financial Agreement under the Family Law Act.
Make sure you get the facts about property settlement. The legal advice you receive today could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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Co-Parenting – Putting the Children First

Separating can be difficult, no question about it!
But if there are children involved how do you prioritise their well being and put their needs first?
These tips may seem common sense to most parents, but all too often we can forget the basics when we are under stress and pressure, or if the other parent isn’t being co-operative or as child focused. That’s when we need to take a deep breath and remember that the children are also going through the process of adjusting to their parents separation and their needs are different.

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